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Hel spent five years as a freelance make-up artist before heading back into education to complete a BA (Hons) and MA in Film Studies, History and Culture (with a bit of English Lit thrown in for good measure). A PhD is still a pipe dream – it’s always nice to have goals in life – and one day, who knows, maybe she will bite the bullet/rob a bank and finally do it.

In between, on top of, and as well as her day job as a University Administrator she served as Managing Editor and a contributing writer at The Digital Fix from May 2015 until March 2021.

Her cinephilia grows exponentially each year and she continues to watch, read and write about film at least once a day. She doubts there will ever be enough films or books to fully satiate but still, she persists.

Thanks for the visit.

Cinephile. Empath Demon. Bookworm. Wonder Woman. Lover of Beetroot.